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Zoran Vitorović

Zoran Vitorović

Name: Dr h.c.  Dipl.Ing. Zoran Vitorović

Date and place of birth: December 22nd 1967, Belgrade

Languages: German, English, Serbian, Croatian, pasiv Arabic and Hebrew

Family Status: divirsed



Dipl. Ing. Electronic Data Operator (EOD /EDV),WIFI Wiena, Austria

Laboratory Technician for Physics / secondary school,Belgrade, Serbia

Special training for diamond expertise, WIFI,Austria


Professional Experience:

Media related:

- Correspondent „Ed Assoziatione“ ( Italy ), from Swiss, Italy

- Correspondent for  Swiss , Magasin “Business and finance” (Serbia) from  Swiss

- Correspondent for Radio Subotica, programm „Unsere Stimme“,DVV (Serbia)

- Free lance, Voice of Russia, Serbian programm

- Chief correspondent TV ECO from a Swiss, from 2010 -2011


.  Program editor in chief TV Melos, Novi Sad,2008/2009.

.  Editor &moderator TV Most, Novi Sad,2006./2008.

.  Journalist , TV Channel 9,Novi Sad,2007.

.  Correspondent daily “Kurir” from Novi Sad, 2005/6.

.  Journalist daily newspaper “Blic”,Belgrade2004/2005.

.  Owner TV & Radio production “Eu and we”, Bosnien 2001/2003.


Political commentator for BiH, FRY and Macedonia, Radio Deutche Welle (Voice of Germany),10 years, from 1993 – 2003, from UN in Vienna, UN Geneve, Banja Luka

Correspondent for BBC from UN Vienna, South Slavonic Section, for 2 years

Editor and Journalist of "East West Forum – EWF", Vienna, Austria,  monthly publication - responsible for Economy, Finance, SME Enterprises, Balkan and Arab Countries

Correspondent for numerous electronic and print media, including


 Radio "Studio B", Belgrade, FRY

"Intervju", weekly magazine, Belgrade, FRY

"Zapisi", monthly magazine, Čačak, FRY

Radio Subotica, German language program, FRY

"Parlament", be-weekly magazine for Sandzak, Novi Pazar, FRY

"Glas javnosti", daily newspaper, Belgrade, FRY

"Privredni vijesnik", economic monthly, Zagreb, Croatia

"Tendenz", monthly magazine, Vienna, Austria ...and many other media world wide



Membership in professional associations:

UN Correspondents' Association, Vienna (UNCAV), since 1984.

1992 - 1998, Vice president of UNCAV

Independent Union of Serbian Journalists (NUNS)

Union of Serbian Journalist (UNS)

IFJ, Brussels


Business consulting & NGO & other institutions/organization : 

-  President Association Swiss Morning Star, ( Swiss) 2010. Until today 

-  Patron for the Swiss AUGP, Academy for Global Universal Peace (India ) 2011.

-  Board Member, AUGP (India ), until today,

-  Director (Finance) Snahalaya Ashram, (India) 2011 until today

International Governor of AUGP (India)

- Junior Privy Counsellor JPC, Royal Office OHA Affairs, Royal Houshold Bunyoro-  Kitara Kingdom (Uganda ), 2011. Until today

- S.E. to His Majesty Omukama I , Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, (Uganda), 2011 till today

-  Planipotentiary& Adviser ARKBK, Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (Uganda), 2010 until today

- Goodwille Ambassador,TCHSI (Canada) for Europe

- Intergovernmental Goodwille Ambassador, The Canadian Health Science Institute (TCHSI)  for Europe

- Member, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy IDC (Germany)

 -Member, Advisory Commission, Global Unification International (Australia )

- Goodwille Ambassador SPMUDA (Philippines ) for Swiss

- Dep.Director SPMUDA, till 2012.for Europe

- Delegate to IFBC (International Federation Blue Cross & Blue Crescent-UK ),Swiss

- Participant on a several international workshops &seminars like  „Establishing Global Peace“,AUGP,India,May,2011

- ASMS Delegate on several United Nations conferences in UN Geneve, 2011-2013

- ASMS Delegate on a G20 Civil Summit, Moskow, 2013.

- Co-owner Caucasus International Ltd ( Georgia )

- Co- owner Medicus Consulting Mosorka (Swiss)

- Representative for the Swiss Strong Salles Inc ( USA)

- Representative for the Swiss TCA Group,( UAE)

- Advisor to the CEO Studio Deadalus, ( UK )

- Advisor to the CEO MPM Poliplast ( Serbia )

- Advisor to the CEO Royal Investment LLC (Russia)

- Advisor to the CEO Beogradnja ( Serbia )


.  Gen.Sec “Union of Serbian professional drivers Rate'sta”,2009.Belgrad/Novi Sad

.  Gen.Manager Hotel ViLa Aleksander, Herceg Novi, Monenegro

.1996 - 1998, Adviser to the CEO   Austrian/German Gas Company PREMAG/Premaberg, responsible for Croatia, BiH, FRY and Arab Countries.

- Adviser to the CEO  Canadian Company YUCAN Trading, for FRY, Macedonia, Egypt and Iran.

- 1991 - 1994, Adviser for financices and bank's for DE HAAS Diamond Wholesaler Company, Vienna, Austria .

- 1991 - 1992, Expert Consultant for Programs of Humanitarian Aid and Self-financing for BiH and Croatia, to German Knights' Order Foundation.




- Preventive Diplomacy, 03.2003.,Ars Libry, Belgrad,Serbia

- Assistant on a book „Serbische Mythos“/Malte Olschewky,1996.,Münich,Germany

-        Poems „Brodolomnik snova“,2007.,Belgrad

-        Global Chaos:not war not peace,2013.Ed Assoziatione,Italy

-        Guide to the Confederation Swiss, 2014.,ASMS,Swiss



- Gold medal „Nauka mladima“, Astrophisic/ Federal level of competition of young scientiest Tito's Yugoslavia/,1984.,Sarajewo.

- Young Scientiest /Reasearcher, Astronomic Society "Rudjer Boskovic", from 1980- until today

- Dr. h.c. Academy for Universal Global Peace, India

- Commemorative Medal, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom , Uganda

- Hon. Director Sir Zoran Vitorovic „Asoziation Civil Humanity“,Venezuela

- Business Angel, IDC,UK

- Hon.Membership TCHSI, Canada


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