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Ana Djukanovic

Ana Djukanovic

Ana Djukanovic, a prominent lawyer born in 1960, devotedly pursued her career in judiciary. Steadily mounting the steps of legal hierarchy from 1985 to 1999, she was  judge at the Basic and High Court in Montenegro, and from 1999  to 2003 a judge at Supreme Court. In 2003, Ana founded a Law office “Ana Djukanovic”. Ana is an associate member of the Serbian National Group of the Trilateral Commission.

Throughout her sterling career, she has been devoted to civil and administration law and to helping young people. Ana has become one of the most prominent figures in bar vocation in Montenegro, and was later on recognized even regionally and internationally.

Ana has extensive experience in civil law, corporate law, administrative law, and by connecting the knowledge and experience gained in judiciary service and bar vocation, she has offered her clients comprehensive information, reviews and analysis of issues from different perspectives, transforming problems into challenges and constructively addressing them. She has been engaged at many projects of regional significance, crucial for the Balkans, including privatizations, providing consulting services for leading companies in South – Eastern Europe and representing large investors’ interests in Montenegro.

Ana has won numerous prestigious national and international awards, including: New Economy 2009 for Best Business – Law Lawyer, World Finance Legal Awards 2010 for Best Lawyer, Corporate Global Awards 2011 for Best Law Office, World Finance Legal Awards 2012 for Best Lawyer and Best Corporate and Commercial Firm, World Finance 100,World Finance Legal Awards, 2013 – Best Lawyer in Montenegro,World Finance Legal Awards 2013 – Best Corporate and Commercial           Firm in Montenegro.

Ana was involved in drafting of the Law on Real Estate, Law on Free Zones, Law on Executive Procedures, etc.