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EWB & SAFC Sign Cooperation Agreement to Bolster Serbia-US Ties

The Serbian-American Friendship Congress (KSAP) and the East West Bridge (EWB) signed a Declaration on Cooperation today regarding joint work to support state bodies in establishing even better relations with the United States, further developing the European perspective, market economy, transatlantic cooperation and integration.

The declaration was signed at the Hilton Hotel in Belgrade by the president of the KSAP and MP, Vladimir Marinkovic, the co-president of the KSAP Advisory Board and the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlovic and the EWB President, Jovan Kovacic.


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Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic assessed that this is a "step forward" in promoting communication, joint cooperation and work between Serbia and the United States, both at the level of state and public administration bodies and among prominent individuals, scientists, writers ...

"This year we are celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and the United States. Not only do we have American companies that have invested several billion dollars in Serbia and employ some 25,000 people, but we are also working together on infrastructure projects, and in the future we can do much more." said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Marinkovic said that the platform for joint cooperation between SAFC and EWB in Serbia, as well as the signed declaration, are a good moment for continuation and new dynamics in the relations between the two countries.

"We want to have a proactive position on the issue of economic and political cooperation, new investments, military and defense cooperation, etc. Serbia deserves a strategic partnership with the United States," Marinkovic pointed out.



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He announced the visit of Assistant US Deputy Secretary of State Matthew Palmer in March, who, as he says, will be the main guest and keynote speaker at an event that will be jointly organized by the EWB and SAFC.

"Also, in April, we have a conversation on the topic of vaccination and the fight against Covid-19. We want better relations with America in the best interest of our citizens and our countries," Marinkovic underlined.

The President of EWB, Jovan Kovačić, said that communication between the countries is necessary for better overcoming of serious obstacles, best illustrated during the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

"We must establish the best possible cooperation. Cooperation with the United States can only bring good to our country. Let's not forget the history of good relations and the role of Serbs in the development of the United States and the indelible mark left by Pupin, Tesla ...", said Kovacic.