Advisory Board

Ambassador Igor Khalevinsky - Chairman

Ambassador Igor Khalevinsky - Chairman

Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia (2003-2009)

(Member, Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, United Nations

(2006-2008) He was dealing with administrative and budgetary questions of the UN. Was responsible (2003-2006) for issues of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO); Since February 2004 up to 2006 he was Plenipotentiary Representative of Russia to the CSTO, in 2005 – 2006 – Chairman, Permanent Council at the CSTO).

Permanent Residence

Malaya Bronnaya ul., 44/15 Apt. # 1

123001, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Tel: + 7-495-699 74 05

Employment History

1998-2003 Head, United Nations Liaison Office, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

(A political monitoring unit of the United Nations Secretariat ,Department of Peacekeeping Operations, UNHQ, New York)

1997-1998 Ambassador-at-Large, Deputy Inspector-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation.

1996-1997 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development, Russian Federation.

1992-1996 Deputy Minister of Labour, Russian Federation.

1992-1992 Deputy Minister of Labour and Employment, Russian Federation.

1988-1992 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USSR/Russian Federation, Moscow.

1983-1988 Senior Counselor, USSR Mission to UN, New York.

Counselor, Office of Deputy Foreign Minister of USSR

1969-1974 South Asia desk,USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow.

1967-1969 and USSR Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Concurrent Affiliated Assignments

1996-1998 Professor, Russian Academy of State Service under the Auspices of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

1991-1994 Professor, Moscow State Institute of International

Relations (MGIMO - University).

Special Professional Assignments

International Bodies/Events

Member, Board of Directors, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna.

1995-1997 Chairman, Coordination Council of an ILO project, “Development of a Module System of Training in Russia and CIS Countries.”

1994-1995 Secretary, Russian National Commission, in charge of preparations for the World Social Summit on Social Development, Copenhagen (1995).

Member, Delegation of the Russian Federation to the Summit.

Russian Inter-ministerial Commissions for External Relations

1993-1997 Member, Inter-ministerial Commission on the Russian Federation’s participation in International Bodies of the UN system and OECD.

1993-1997 Member, Inter-ministerial Commission on Cooperation with the Council of Europe.

1993-1997 Member, Inter-ministerial Commission on the Russian Federation`s accession to the World Trade Organization and the Asiatic-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

1995-1997 Member, Inter-ministerial Commission on cooperation in the Barents/Arctic Basin.

1992-1997 Deputy Chairman, Commission on International Humanitarian/ Technical Aid

Russian Inter-ministerial Commissions for Bilateral Relations

1993-1997 Chairman, Sub-Commission on Education and Labour,

Intergovernmental Russian- Chinese Commission on Cooperation.

1993-1997 Member, Intergovernmental Russian-Vietnamese Commission

on Cooperation.

1995-1997 Head, Social Welfare Section, Inter-governmental Russian-Ukrainian Commission on Cooperation.

1992-1994 Head, Delegation of the Russian government for talks with Lithuania and other CIS countries on labour migration.

Russian Inter-ministerial Commissions/Committees/ Boards for Training of Personnel

1994-1998 Deputy Chairman, Russian National Training Foundation Board.

1993-1996 Member, State Committee for Higher Education.

1995-1997 Member, Inter-ministerial Commission on Sanation of Non- perspective and Non-profitable Mines and Basins in the Coal Industry of Russia.

1996-1997 Member, Russian-Kazakhstan Inter-governmental Commission on Baikonur complex.

Membership in International and National Academic/Professional Bodies

1997-present Fellow, World Confederation of Productivity Science, Montreal.

1996-present Member, Russian Academy of Professional Education, Moscow.

1994-present Vice President, International Informatization Academy, Moscow.

Some Significant Work Experiences

As Head of the UN Liaison Office (UNLO) Belgrade, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/

Serbia and Montenegro

* Reporting to the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, responsible for the coordination of UNLO functions and operations as a political, monitoring and reporting unit; with a focus on analytical assessments, early warning and prognosis of crisis situations; releasing daily, weekly monthly and special reports on key political issues.

* Maintaining close links with the Union, Serbian and Montenegrin governments, ministries, political bodies, the Belgrade-based diplomatic corps, other UN missions in the former Yugoslavia, visiting high-level delegations from UN HQ, other UN agencies and non-governmental organizations.

* UN Designated Official for security matters pertaining to UN agencies in Serbia and Montenegro.

Diplomatic Service (1997-1998)

As Ambassador-at- Large, Deputy Inspector-General, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

* Inspection of staff management and professional output of the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and consular offices abroad by overseas visits.

As Member of the Russian Mission to UN or Russian Government delegations in New York

  • Engaged in key deliberations, meetings, special commissions and events of the UN

  • USSR Representative, Fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly.

  • Member, ACABQ, UN Committee on Conferences, Committee on Applications for Review of Administrative Tribunal Judgements.

  • Member, Russian delegation, UN Population Commission and Preparatory Committee for the Cairo Population Conference, 1994.

  • Participation in the Preparatory Committee for the Copenhagen Social Summit, 1995.

As Head, Consular Affairs Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USSR/Russia

* Supervision of 240 diplomatic and consular and general service staff in the Administration. Supervision of Russian consular offices abroad; preparation and signing of multilateral consular agreements and bilateral consular conventions.

As Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Development, Russian Federation

* General policy formulation, enactment of legislation and handling issues related to labour and social affairs, employment and retraining, social security and compensation, salaries and wages, demographic and population concerns and target sectors, social analyses and policy and service delivery for vulnerable groups,

* In charge of major entities under the auspices of the Ministry, such as the Department of Human Resources and Professional Training, Institute of Employment, University of Social Affairs, Russian Centre for Professional Orientation and Psychological Support, Department of Employment and Demography, Department of Labour, Migration and Manpower. All of the aforementioned departments specialized in on-the-job training, retraining for modernization and skills enhancement for to adapt to the changing economic market and process of transition.

* In charge of Department of International Co-operation (extensive network with many international organizations, including European structures, specialized United Nations agencies, multilateral and bilateral assistance, special regional and country projects, negotiations, participation of Russia in international programmes and surveys of ILO, OECD, UNDP and others).

(All of the above assignments demanded intensive and comprehensive knowledge of global (especially Central and East European) labour trends, models of legislation, labour practices and intensive exchanges with Western European countries and Japan).

Publications and Participation in Conferences

Over 80 publications on international relations and economic and social policy.

Participated in numerous international conferences and seminars.

Language Skills

Fluent in English and Russian (native language), working knowledge of German, French, Serbian-Croatian and Urdu.

Major Publications Authored/Co-authored/Edited

* “Continuing Education of Personnel and Development of Human Resources in the Modern Market Economy”, Management of Labour and Social Processes, Sytin Fund, Moscow, 1996.

* Report on Russia (co-authored), Human Resources Development, United Nations Development Programme, New York, 1995.

* “Russian and World Experience” (edited) in Policy in the Field of Personnel Education for State Service: Federal and Regional Aspects. Russian Academy of State Service, Moscow, 1998.

* Contributions to numerous other publications, reports of UNLO Belgrade and UN.

* Numerous publications, manuals and teaching materials for on-the-job training, retraining and continuing education, development of human resources in modern market economy,


* Labour Market in Russia and Policy of the Russian Government, Foreign Affairs, May-June 1993, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, 1993.

* Aspects of Labour, The Rules of the Market (Training Manual), Finantsi Print House, Moscow,1993.
* Russian Labour Immigration Policy. A Series of Articles on Socio-Economic Aspects of Russia, Scheveningen, 1993.

* Programme of the Russian Federation for On-the-Job Training of Personnel, Ibid.

* Labour Resources and Foreign Investments, Foreign Affairs, No.1, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, 1994.

* Foreign Investments and Employment, Business Contact, May 1995, Moscow.

* Guidelines of State Policy for Personnel Management, Strategy for Education and Professional Development of Enhancing Potential of Public Service Cadre in Russia, (Presentation at the International Conference on Educational Problems in Russia, November 1996), University of Social Affairs Print House, Moscow, 1996.

* Sustainable Development and Problems of the Russian Economy, Foreign Affairs, No.2, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, 1996.

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