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East West Bridge is an independent international research and expert network. We are working in close cooperation with leading governmental institutes and think-tanks and NGO’s worldwide to draw up guidelines for sustainable individual, societal and state development. Born as a Serbian- based initiative in 2009, it quickly and steadily grew into an internationally recognized movement for promoting dialogue, peace, and positive social change around the world.  EWB's purpose is to educate, enlighten and advise, to pinpoint important problems in societies and offer solutions.

We promote an all-encompassing, open and frank dialogue on all burning issues hampering development by building up on issues that are common or undisputable and leaving the differences for a later date, when trust-building has borne fruit.

We are not satisfied by merely pursuing Tolerance. We shall consider our mission fulfilled only when peoples recognize, acknowledge, and learn to respect the differences among themselves, be they ideological, political, religious, sexual or any other.

Over the past 50 years humankind has achieved unimaginable advances in the fields of science, telecommunications, economy, culture… the world has become one global village and vast knowledge is at our fingertips. However, this magnificent progress came at a steep price – flourishing hatred, lies, mistrust, hostility, envy, maliciousness, bigotry and unheard-of greed. We are pledging our efforts to seek out the root cause for these aberrations and restore the system of values and decency.

To this end, EWB comprises Task Forces focusing on: Foreign and Domestic Policies; Human Rights; Economy; Media; Anti-Crime, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Terrorism; Ecology; Health Care and Education, New Technologies and Cyber Security. Each of them liaises with similar think-tanks and institutes across the world and reports on their respective fields, all with one purpose – to make peace, diversity & inclusion, social, economic and political stability an accessible goal for mankind. Not in some distant future, but now.

The membership in East West Bridge International and all of its foreign chapters must not be confused with the membership of other friendly and affiliated organizations like the Trilateral Commission, Serbia Germany Forum, NGIC or others. If one is a member of EWB it does NOT imply he or she is automatically a member of the Trilateral Commission or any other of the listed organizations. They have their own leadership and memberships and different application and admission membership procedures. The list of members of those organizations is clearly listed on this site.

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