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Vladan Atanasijević

Vladan Atanasijević

Vladan Atanasijević  is a leading Serbian IT expert with a reputation that well surpasses the region. He is a member of the Asseco SEE Board of Governors and Integration Systems Director. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED).

Born in Kragujevac in 1967, he attended technical faculties in Zagreb and Belgrade. Vladan has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, working on projects involving large information systems for the government and both the public and financial sectors. He also has 15 years of experience in managing leading IT companies at the Serbian market.

He began his career in the Zastava company, Kragujevac, where he moved up the ladder from the position of manager of the organization system development department to the company’s telecommunications Executive Director. He founded his own start-up company, Virtual Team, in 2001 producing software for regional and global leaders. Five years later the company was merged into Hermes SoftLab, of Slovenia, and Vladan ran the Serbian branch. After being the head of ComTrade Spinnaker New Technologies for one year, he moved to the leading IT company in the region, Asseco SEE, to the position of Integration Systems Director, a post he occupies today. His cooperation partners are banks, state organs and institutions and large systems.

Vladan has won numerous awards, including Microsoft World Wide Award twice, Manager of the Year awarded by the Business Journalists Club, Manager of the Year awarded by The Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Best Start-Up Investment in Serbia Award and many others.

Vladan is also very active in a number of business and manager’s associations and is involved in economic development and manager profession promotion. He was appointed  NALED Chairman of the Board of Governors in 2013: he is a founder of the Serbian Managers Association (SAM): deputy Chairman of the IT Experts Society of Serbia (DIS); member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), member of the Advisory Board of EMC company, etc.   

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