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Prof Dr Milan Dimkic

Prof Dr Milan Dimkic

In Memoriam 1953-2020

Prof Dimkic was Serbia’s foremost water management expert in Serbia. Born in Belgrade, 1953, he graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Belgrade University, hydro technical department, where he later also got his MA and Doctorate. His expert and scientific career was closely linked with the Jaroslav Cerni Institute where he founded a department for water protection within the Section for underground water systems and has worked on the protection and regeneration of polluted underground water-wells, thereby significantly promoting the Institute’s work. Dimkic was the Institute’s Director since 1999.  

Dimkic was a regular professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Novi Sad University. He has made a great contribution in teaching and promoting young engineers. The Institute has hired some 120 young engineers, 10 doctors of science and he used to mentor as many as six doctoral theses and score of master theses at a time.

Dimkic was the President of the Serbian Society for Water Protection, deputy chief of the Serbian delegation in the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), vice-president of the Group for underground waters management and member of Serbia’s delegation to the International Waters Association (IWA), etc. He was the chairman or presidency member of several significant international conferences and symposia. Together with two others he was the editor in chief of the book “Management of underground waters in big confluences” and EiC of the Serbian magazine Water Research and Management. He authored or co-authored over 50 studies and expert papers and close to 200 articles and studies in expert literature, magazines etc., both at home and abroad. He has received numerous awards for his outstanding work, including the prestigious October and Jaroslav Cerni Awards as well as the Professor Dr Vojislav K. Stojanovic Award given by the Association of University Professors and Scientists of Serbia. He was decorated with the White Angel Medal, 2nd degree.

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