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Jagoda Kovačić

Jagoda Kovačić

Chief of Secretariat

Top charity and fund-raising event expert, Jagoda has organized the biggest and most glamorous donor events in over the past decade and more in  Belgrade. Most recently, she was a part of the team that organized the landmark 38th European Session of the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2014. Jagoda was in charge of the very effective spouses program which as a result left a lasting and pleasant memory of Belgrade, its people, churches, museums and restaurants among the partners of the Trilateral Commission members.   She joined Kovacic & Spaic in 2013 as the New Business Development Director.  

A Law School graduate, Jagoda started her career in the Yugoslav Airlines, but won her PR spurs by bringing and setting up the Stimorol brand in the then Yugoslavia.

During the stormy ‘90ties she worked as producer for international media outfits like RAI, Danish and Swedish TV.

After the wars of the ‘90ties, Jagoda organized the first ever visit by the HSBC bank to Serbia.

At the start of the new millennia, Jagoda and three other ladies from the USA, Great Britain and another from Serbia, formed the famous Dream Team which raised millions for the Children’s Oncology hospital in Belgrade, mainly by organizing the talk-of-the-town and fully-booked black-tie gala dinners. Thanks to their dedication, an entire new floor of the hospital was built, fully equipped, including three ORs. Furthermore, they raised funds to buy three vital pieces of equipment worth more than 500,000 euros for the Dragisa Misovic Hospital, Belgrade, and another for the Zemun Hospital. Jagoda participated in the events’ organization, PR, marketing, fund raising, donor and media relations, etc.

Jagoda is the co-owner of the Nicosia- and London-based Global Communications Associates GCA Ltd consultancy and Chief of Secretariat of the Belgrade-based international think tank East West Bridge.  

Most recently Jagoda has participated for the past four years in the program for wives of the Trilateral Commission at the past eight sessions across the world which she attended with her husband, a member of the TC Executive Committee. She is now organizing a similar program for the wives who will accompany their husbands to the 38th Session of the European Trilateral Commission in Belgrade from Oct 29-Nov 02, 2014. 

Jagoda has lived Switzerland, England, USA and BiH. While in England, she also pursued her private passion – interior decoration and graduated from the famous British KLC School of Interior Design. Speaks English, Italian and French, married and mother of three accomplished children.