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Fahri Musliu

Fahri Musliu

Fahri Musliu is a retired journalist and one of the most prominent analysts in SEE. He wrote for Koha Ditore, BBC and the Voice of America in Belgrade. He is one of the founders of European Movement in Serbia and co-founder of Forum for ethnical relations and Independent journalist association of Serbia. He graduated from Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, major in journalism.

He was born in 1948 in the village Zaplužje in Kosovo. He became a journalist in 1968 and was a correspondent and associate for many news agencies in Serbo-Croatian, Albanian and English. He started his career in Rilindi in Belgrade only to be continued at Radio Yugoslavia, Borba, Danas, etc. Prior to his retirement he worked at Radio Television of Kosovo while he is still contributing to Koha Ditore and Al Jazeera Balkans. He was one of the founders, director and Editor in Chief for magazine "Europe" in Serbian and English (1996-1998) in Belgrade.

He is into publishing and he has published several documentary books in Albanian and Serbian. Some of them are “Montirani procesi protiv kosovskih Albanaca 1999-2002-(2002, 2007);   “Razrešenje kosovskog čvora – pogled s’obe strane”, (2005); “Dnevnik Albanca u Beogradu”, 2006 (war diary): “Masakar u Suvoj Reci”, (2010); Monografia “Bekim Fehmiu- Odisej Kosova” in Albanian, while the Serbo-Croatian version is under preparation.

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