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Ana Trišić-Babić

Ana Trišić-Babić

Ana Trišić-Babić served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Holding a BA in Law and MA in Management, she started her career as a journalist with Radio Free Europe. In the post-war period Ana contributed to peacebuilding efforts through her work with USAID – OTI as the Project Leader for Media and NGO Development, and the Office of the High Representative (OHR) where she was the Assistant Head of OHR Political Adviser for International Relations. Her political and diplomatic career intertwined when she served as Foreign Affairs Advisor in the Government of Republika Srpska. Ana later worked as Assistant Minister for Bilateral Relations for six years, during which period she also headed the Work Group I for Stabilization and Accession Agreement.

While being Deputy Minister, she was also the President of BiH Council of Minister’s NATO Coordination Team. She pursued her security and state-building expertise academically and is an alumna of programs of distinguished world institutions, such as the Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Throughout her career, Ana worked hard to empower women as a part of peacebuilding and society development process. Her efforts were acknowledged when she was Bosnia and Herzegovina's candidate for CEDAW. Ana now works as a political analyst and consultant and is one of the founders and Board members of Center for Policy Development - CPD and Institute for Strategic Analysis and Dialogue - ISAD.

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