Board of Governors

Aleksandar Nikolić - Chairman BoG

Aleksandar Nikolić - Chairman BoG

Aleksandar Nikolić was born in Belgrade on July 30, 1965. He is an economist with respectable experience as a successful entrepreneur and a graduate from the Advanced Security and Defence Studies at the Defence University in Belgrade.

He is the East West Bridge Board of Governors Chairman, Serbian Trilateral Commission National Group Secretary-General and member of the Trilateral Commission from 2015 to 2018. He was a member of the Organizing Committee for the 38th European Session of the Trilateral Commission held in Belgrade 2014.

Aleksandar started political career in 2008 as one of the founders of the SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) and a member of the SNS Presidium.

In June 2012 he was appointed Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia, after which he successfully served as the First Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence in charge of coordinating security services.

Since May 2014 he has served as the First Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior.

Aleksandar was the President of the Negotiating Group on Chapter 24 "Justice, Freedom and Security" in the process of Serbia's accession to the European Union and the member of the Working Group on Serbian OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office activities in which coordinates issues relevant to Internal Affairs. He was also the President of the Working Group on developing the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism and its related Action Plan and the member of the Political Council for implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security".

Aleksandar speaks English. He is married, devoted family man and father of three children.

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