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Aleksandar Simić

Aleksandar Simić

Aleksandar Simic, composer and humanist, was born in Belgrade, in 1973. He spent most of his youth shifting between different cultures and continents, from London to Singapore, from St. Petersburg to New York. Half-way through med school he switched to study music and quickly established himself among leading composers of his generation. In his large and versatile opus that encompasses concert, spiritual, world and film music, a special place is reserved for compositions that were used to mark important jubilees such as 50 years of victory in WW II (for the Russian Federation), or 950 years of the East-West split (for the Vatican).

Although he wove his liberal political views and humanism into his music, Aleksandar has been a spokesperson and an activist for some of the most important charity campaigns such as Helping the Blind, the Safe House program or Notes from the Heart. His made a contribution to the global inter-religious dialogue over the many years and in many different countries: be it as a part of the mediating team between the Vatican and the State of Israel, or as a part of the Pave the Way Foundation from New York, to name a few. He was a part time lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences teaching Political Philosophy. He is presently assisting the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Special Prosecutors Office for War Crimes in the program called The Last Hope.

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