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David Vuich

David Vuich

David Vuich has spent his career advising clients and top-level government officials in both Congress and the Executive Branch spanning the Carter through the Bush Administrations. Mr. Vuich has compiled over 30 years of experience in defense, aerospace, security, energy, and transportation-related industries and has held key executive positions with several leading U.S. and international firms, to include being a member of the Apollo Spacecraft Launch Team. These positions included providing extensive congressional/legislative liaison services and domestic and international trade development expertise by coordinating and facilitating the program objectives of various government agencies, foreign governments, multinational corporations and countless non-governmental organizations.

As a professional staff member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Defense and Military Construction, Mr. Vuich acted as the principal advisor to the Committee Chairman, providing recommendations with respect to the obligation of funding for military equipment and services for the Department of Defense. In the private sector, he has been a lobbyist and consultant representing aerospace, environment, energy transportation and security issues to include research support to key congressional committees related to airline/aviation safety and critical infrastructure protection.

Mr. Vuich is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer of American Military Housing Services, Inc., a non- profit special interest dedicated to providing affordable housing to our active duty military, guard, reserves, retired and disabled veterans. Mr. Vuich has been recently appointed as Co-Chairman of the HUD/Veterans Administration Task Force..

He serves as a member of several Boards in Washington D.C., to include the National Press Club, We Will Survive Cancer, Summer Opera Theatre, Opera Cameratta of DC, to include the US -Serbia Business Council, and the Honorary Chairman of the Tesla Science Foundation.

David is also the Advisory Board President of the U.S. Serbian independent, non-partisan SAVA Political Action Committee which is rallying to raise funds to financially support and elect candidates to federal office whose vision, views, and values are aligned with those of the Serbian-American community. This is the first successful attempt in more than 160 years to rally some 1.2 million Serbian-Americans to finally have a strong and united voice in shaping the major decisions in the federal government.

Mr. Vuich received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Cerritos College and California State University and has completed his graduate studies at the University of Southern California, receiving a Masters in Business and Industrial Sciences.
Mr. Vuich resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Ginger.

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