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B101-Summit 100 Young Leaders of South-Eastern Europe (27.11.-29.11.2015., hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade, Serbia)


The Summit of 100 Young Leaders of Southeastern Europe gathered promising young people from the entire region for three days of lectures, learning, discussion and friendship in Belgrade late November 2015. The idea was to reknit the ripped multi-ethnic ties among the youth following the wars in the 90ties, infuse them with hope, give them a perspective and provide them with tools of the trade to achieve their dreams of success in a new society as befits the 21st century. The tightly-scheduled event assembling talented Serbs, Albanians, Bosniaks, Montenegrins, Croats, Slovenes, Greeks and Macedonians was such a success that the organizers agree it must become a traditional annual gathering.    


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