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Nepal has been known for the scenic beauty, culture and lifestyle in the world, along with the stories of the brave Gurkha Soldier who fought in the First and Second World War with British and Indian soldier hand in hand; birth place of the lord Gautam Buddha – Light of the Asia; land where the top of the world – Mt Everest resides.
The country with 147,181 sq km area, which average length from east to west is 885 km and average breadth from north to south is 193 km has huge geographical variation with the altitude of 60m to 8848m above the sea level. Most of the part is filled with the hills and mountain whereas smaller area given to the plains. Many large fresh water river of the South East Asia starts from and go through Nepal.
The Late King Privthivi Narayan Shah Dev, Father of the Nation said, “My country is the garden of the 4 castes and 36 sub castes.” With more than 191 ethnic groups presently residing in the country gives a variation in the culture tradition and lifestyle.
A cluster of the village in the mid hills of Nepal which consist of the two major ethnic groups Grunung and Ghale is covered during Himalayan Walk for People – Nepal. People of these villages are among the soldiers who went to the Gurkha regiment for the British and Indian during the various time frames in the history. While the men were away fighting for the peace, women took the charge of the community, kept their family well feed through agriculture, the culture tradition alive by following and celebrating them, and create peaceful environment in the communities with smile in their faces.



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