Task Forces


G20 Green Finance Synthesis Report

G20 Green Finance Study Group

1. Why Green Finance?
1.1. Financing environmentally sustainable growth
1.2. The G20 Green Finance Study Group
2. Challenges to Green Finance
2.1. Externalities
2.2. Maturity mismatch
2.3. Lack of clarity in green finance
2.4. Asymmetric information
2.5. Inadequate analytical capabilities
3. Greening the Banking System
3.1. Stocktaking
3.2. Challenges to green banking
3.3 Emerging options
4. Greening the Bond Market
4.1. Stocktaking
4.2. Challenges to scaling up the green bond market
4.3. Emerging options
5. Greening Institutional Investors
5.1. Stocktaking
5.2. Challenges to green investing
5.3. Emerging options
6. Cross-Cutting Issues
6.1. Risk analysis
6.2. Measuring progress
7. Key Options for Developing Green Finance
Annex: 1 List of Input Papers
Annex: 2 Acknowledgements and Contacts


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