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The Democratic Potential of Emerging Social Movements in Southeastern Europe

Dear Friends & Colleagues, 

We are pleased announce the publication of our latest edited volume, “The Democratic Potential of Emerging Social Movements in Southeastern Europe”, which examines the transformative potential of civil society mobilization across the Balkans and Europe’s Southeast.

This is a timely intervention into the public and policy debate surrounding the future and methods of democratic governance in the region, and one for which we have solicited some of the leading voices on the subject from across Southeastern Europe and the continent proper. Accordingly, we hope that this is a text that will spur conversation and reflection among you and your peers, and that it will be a volume that you will also share widely among your respective networks.

We have also planned for Q1 of 2018 some promotional events for this publication and will inform you of the details in the coming weeks. Until then, we invite and encourage your feedback on this project as well as all our other, ongoing, endeavours about which you can find out more on our website.

Warmest Regards,

Felix Henkel & Team