Aleksandar Kokić

Aleksandar Kokic, an economist with BSc in management, was born in Novi Sad in 1949. He was working as a publisher and represented publishers from France, England and Italy in Serbia. Aleksandar moved to Toronto, Canada in 1991 where he obtained certificates in financing worked for seven years as a portofolio manager with Manulife Financial. He was a founder and Managing Director of NGO Belgrade Centre for cultural activities as well as bookstores and galleries in Belgrade and Birmingham,USA. In 2003 he worked at Ministry of Transport and Communication as Advisor to the Minister, responsible for investments, implementing foreign investment projects. Since 2004 he has served in the Ministry of Infrastructure and energy in Department for EU integration and a Member of National Council for Sustainable Development, Clean Development Mechanism, Transport and Traffic Board Member.

Aleksandar has completed a prestigious programs „Project preparation, planning, appraisal and management“ which was organized by European Centre for peace and development, established by the United Nations.

He also is part of the GCA Global Communications Associates Ltd team in the capacity of Investment Funds and Projects Director

Recently, Aleksandar has focused on exploring opportunities for investment and development of programs based on long-term research in renewable energy resources and environment protection.Aleksandar is married and father of four children.