Stefan Milić

Stefan Milić, born in 1992 in Loznica, the youngest member of EWB, is the Vice-President of the European Movement in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Despite his youth, he already has a 10-year experience in the civil affairs sector and is seen as the most significant youth leader, student activist and young social worker in Republika Srpksa and B-H.  

He attended elementary and high schools in B-H and Germany as an „American Field Service“ exchange program student. He is currently studying Law and through various local and international programs also political sciences and international relations. He has attended numerous international congresses, study visits and seminars in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, FYROM, Slovenia, Israel, Palestine, B-H, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc. He has closely cooperated with UNDP, GIZ, CARE, OSCE, CISP.

Stefan was the youngest member of the official B-H delegation to the EU institutions in 2010, again the youngest member of the RS delegation to the Holy Land where he received a special award by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, in 2011, and yet again the youngest participant of the European Movement Congress held in Budva, Montenegro in 2013.

Stefan was the Vice-President of the RS Youth Council which represents 250,000 young people from 2011 to 2013. For his social activity Stefan has received numerous awards. The B-H European Movement, under the auspices of the B-H Presidency and the Office of the High Representative, presented him the „European Youth Leader“ award as the youngest laureate in 2011. He was ranked among the top 100 young future leaders of his country in 2014.

Stefan is a certified youth leader, mediator and instructor in the field of public diplomacy, lobbying, project management, non-violent communication, peace activism and transitional justice.