Lt Col (ret) Predrag Milisavljevic

Predrag, a retired Lt. Colonel of the Serbian Army and a security expert, is a well-known supporter of Serbia's faster inclusion into the European Union and strengthening of the countries ties with the rest of the world. Even as an active officer Predrag was dedicated to dialogue between all sides in any conflict. His life moto is „ After clashes we sit and talk, so then it is better to avoid any form of conflict and save human lives“. He made a brilliant staff career in the Army in the field of security. Before he retired he was the Chief of Staff at the Training Centre and the Analytic Operations Training Centre of Serbian Army. He attended the military police course in Belgrade and the special course for anti-terrorist operations in Belgrade.

As a security expert Predrag has understood importance of individual activism and has always opposed any kind of radicalism, nationalism or racism. After many years serving in the Army, Predrag focused on humanitarian work. He is the representative of the Association Swiss Morning Star, of Switzerland, for Montenegro and Advisor for Southern Serbia. Predrag is married and speaks Serbian, Greek and English.