Boško Jakšic


Politika, daily, Belgrade, October 1972– Present

Junior reporter with City Desk

Junior reporter with Foreign Desk

Reporter with Foreign Desk covering West Africa, South East and South Asia, East Europe, Middle East.

Covered Campuchea, Lebanon’s civil war, Islamic revolution in Iran, Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran-Iraq war, First Gulf war, hunger in Ethiopia, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, war in Lebanon 2006. Also covered Europen affairs, including Belgrade OSCE conference, OSCE Stockholm and Helsinki summits, Carter-Breznew Wiena summit and number of other European and world events.

Permanent Middle East correspondent based in Cairo, September 1987 - February 1992  

Politika’s Foreing Editor, February 1992– September 1993

Politika’s Editor in Chief, February 1994- September 1994

Permanent Politika’s Italy correspondent based in Rome, September 1994 – October 1998

Politika’s Secretary General, October 2000 – September 2001

Senior columnist,  September 2001- present

Foreign Desk editor,  October 2010-present

I’m regular contributor to BBC, Radio Free Europe, Al Jazeera TV and number of Serbian and Balkan region radio and TV stations.


Interviews include the names of Benazir Bhuto, Indira Gandi, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Leh Walesa, Ramallo Yanesh, Yasir Arafat, Muamar Ghadafi, ayatollah Mohammad Ali Montazeri, King Hussein of Jordan, Ahmed Ben Bella, Gen. Kenan Evren, Rauf Denktash, Shimon Peres, Amr Moussa, Butros Ghali, Lord Karington, Romano Prodi, Massimo D’Alema, Avigdor Lieberman, Manuher Mottaki, Mahmoud Abbas.


University of Belgrade,September 1969- March 1973

Faculty of Economics, Department of Foreign trade 


  • Alfred Friendly fellow with The Washington Post,March 1984– December 1984
  • Published a book on 50th anniversary of State of Israel, May 1998


  • Serbian – mother tongue
  • English – professional fluency
  • Italian –   fluency
  • Arabic -   elementary


  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Adobe, E-Mail

Citizenship: Serbian

Marital status: Married

Gender: Male

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