Zorana Z. Mihajlović


 Zorana Mihajlović, Ph. D., professor

Born in 1970 in Tuzla. Completed primary and secondary education in Belgrade as the highest academically ranked student of her class. In 1993, received her Bachelor’s degree (with the thesis “Energy Resources in the European Economic Community) from the Belgrade University Faculty of Economics, where she also earned her Master’s degree in 1998 (with the thesis “Energy Sector of Serbia and Selected European Countries – France, Germany and Sweden) and a doctorate degree in 2001 (with the thesis “Energy and Economic Development – Correlation Analysis on the Example of Serbia and the EU countries).

She was appointed Research Associate at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics in 2006, Lecturer in 2008 and Associate Professor in 2011 at Megatrend, a private University in Belgrade.

After completing post-graduate studies, Ms. Mihajlovic has pursued scientific research, while at the same time applying her expertise to practice. She began her career as a high school teacher at the Belgrade First Economics Vocational School, where she stayed until 1996. The next ten years she spent with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), in electricity transmission company Elektroistok, as Deputy Head of Accounting Department, head of Planning and Analysis Department and Finance Department Advisor.

From 2004 -2006 she held the position of an Energy and Environmental Protection Advisor to Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, and then she took up the position of energy efficiency advisor to the general manager of the Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport where she stayed until 2007 .  

Until 2010 she was Energy Advisor to Republika Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik.

Ms. Mihajlovic sat on the Board of Directors of public company EPS (2004-07) and was editor in chief of the monthly magazine “EU Market” (2007-08). Since 2008, she has been employed at Megatrend University. In October 2011 she was appointed Deputy Dean of Science of that University. She taught Energy related subjects, such as Economy of Natural Resources and Economy of Energy and Energy Security.

She has authored or co-authored four books focusing on energy and sustainable development and has participated in a number of local and international projects and conferences. Furthermore, she has written and published more than two hundred scientific and research papers devoted to problems and potential of the Serbian energy sector, in comparison to the region and EU countries, and with the purpose of achieving the sustainable development. 

Ms. Mihajlovic is the founder of NGO “Women’s Government,” member of the NGO European Movement in Serbia, member of the organization East West Bridge and of the editorial staff of magazine Eko Srbija. She received the certificate of the specialist seminar Methodology of Contemporary Corruption (Canadian Development Agency and Management Center).

In 2009, she joined the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and currently chairs the party Energy and Mining Council. Until October 2012, she was a member of the party Presidency, when she was elected SNS deputy leader at the Party Assembly. 

Ms. Mihajlovic was an MP in the Serbian Parliament from May till July 2012, when she was sworn in as Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. 

In August 2012 she was appointed Governor of Serbia in the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

She is a member of the management board of Civil Aviation Directorate, member of the management board of the Development Fund of Republic of Serbia, president of the board of the ''Foundation 5+“ and representative of the Republic of Serbia in the Shareholders’ Assembly of NIS a.d. Novi Sad.

She is currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. In the previous government she held the post of Minister of Energy, Development and Environment Protection. The Serbian Government has also appointed her EBRD Governor.

Mother of one son.

Fluent in English.



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