Zekerijah Smajić

One of the best well-known journalists from ex Yugoslavia, Zekerijah is currently, since

2010 the Project Manager of the leading multimedia News Service «Sens Media Network, which networks more than 120 radio, TV and online media in the whole Western Balkans region (,)


2005-2008: General Director of the independent TV OBN (Open Broadcast Network) in Sarajevo and specialist-researcher in the field of European policy and practice, lecturer and analyst of the German regular national radio Deutsche Welle


1995-2002: European correspondent for the independent daily Oslobodjenje, Sarajevo, as well as for the South Slavic Languages Service at Radio Free Europe, Radio Deutsche Welle and Radio WDR.


September 1998: Founder and Chief correspondent of SENSE-South East News Service Europe.


1992-1994: Staff writer and free-lance war correspondent for foreign press agencies STA Slovenia, APA Austria and for different daily newspapers and weekly news-magazines: Oslobodjenje (Sarajevo), Republika (Ljubljana), Feral Tribune (Split), Novi list (Rijeka), Puls (Skopje), Vreme (Belgrade) West Information (Gratz) and Radio and TV Slovenia.


1989-1992: Editor-presenter and deputy editor in chief the first independent Yugoslav TV channel „Yutel“.


1986-1989: Editor-Presenter of „TV Dnevnik“ at 19:30, TV Belgrade, the main evening news in ex Yugoslavia.  


Author of the book “European Union and the faith of Southern Slavic countries”, The Guide “European union for everybody” and numerous different educational brochures.


He was won scores of awards, including the Special prize for the best media managers in SEEE – awarded by the Managers Association of South-East Europe; award "Journalist of the Decade" and "Golden Charter for contribution to Europeanization of the region and ethics in journalism" acknowledgment of the International League of Humanists; recognition of the Danube Business-Forum "Danube Flower"; Winner of the highest professional awards for TV journalism in the context of the then Yugoslav Radio Television – JRT; The Best TV journalist in 1989, The most authoritative TV journalist Yugoslavia in 1990, TV personality of the year 1990.