Professor Miodrag Živanović





Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Belgrade, SFRY

Marital status:

Married, Father of three sons

Spoken Languages:

Serbo-Croatian, German, English

Educational Background:

Ph. D. of Philosophy, Sarajevo 1987

Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Sarajevo 1973

Grammar School, Zenica 1968

Elementary School, Zenica 1964

International and local activities:

Participated in more than 200 international and local seminars and discussions on various issues in philosophy and social theory

Professional Background:

Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of philosophy Banja Luka, University of Banja Luka (1994 - )

Director and Editor in Chief Media centre «Prelom» Banja Luka (1996-)

Editor in Chief of «Novi Prelom» Magazine (1992 - 1997)

Director and Editor in Chief of Publisher House «Glas», Banja Luka (1985-1991)

Associate and Manager of Sector for Research and Director of the Centre for Political Studies in Banja Luka (1975 -1985)


Scientific and Pedagogical Work:

Published Books: End of Marxism (1989), Metaphor and Philosophy (1990), The Eye of Glass (1997), Lectures in Blue (1999), Acta Politica Serbica (2000), Blue and Ultraviolet (2000), A Letter on Nostalgia (2002), Creators of Miracles(2003), Empedocles, Fragments of Mysticism ­– translation, Term: Neprebol (2004), Philosophic Triptych – amended edition (2005), Friedrich Schiller, Ode to Joy and Other Poems – translation (2005), Fishes Don’t Cry (2008), Eine kleine Nachtmusik (2009), Enigma poetica (2011)


Published Scientific Analyses: more than 200 scientific analyses published in local and international periodical magazines, compiled documents from local and international scientific meetings. Some translated in English, German, French, Slovenian and Macedonian.

Founder and Editor of Publications on Philosophy «Polemos», «Mala knjiga», «Egzoticos» and «Danteon»

Chair of the Council and Director of Culture Magazine «Putevi», Banja Luka (1981 – 1991)

Founder and Editor of Magazine of Philosophy «Helios», Banja Luka (1998)

Coordinator of «Tempus programme» for Postgraduate Studies in European Studies, Transition and Reconstruction (Universities in Bologna, Sussex and Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Member of Expert Group for North-Atlantic Integration

Member of Hegel's Society in Belgrade

Member of International PEN Centre BiH

Member of the Association of Independent Intellectuals «Circle 99» Sarajevo

Member of International League of Humanists and its International Committee

President of Permanent International Committee for Humanism and Order

Vice-President of the Association for Philosophy and Sociology BiH

Member of the Board of Philosophy ANUBiH (Academy of Science and Art of BiH)

Member of boards and editorial boards of philosophy and sociology magazines

Mentoring in preparation of graduation, magisterial and doctoral thesis in the University of Banja Luka

Initiator, editor and moderator of numerous radio and TV educational broadcasts («Night Conversation», «Science and Modern World», «Third Friday», etc.)

Reviewer of numerous publications of eminent experts in philosophy and literature

Guest-lecturer in numerous universities and institutes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad

Vice-president of Paneuropean Union for BiH

One of the founders of Democratic Alternative of BiH and creator of numerous democratic initiatives.



Banja Luka, January 2011.