Ilija Trninić

Ilija Trninić, born in 1974 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Ilija Trninic is an expert in the spheres of international cooperation, political education, and civil society development. Ilija gained his work experience in international and local governmental and nongovernmental organizations. He implemented projects related to community development, research projects, and youth related projects. Ilija earned his MSc in the sphere of political management and analytics. Moreover, he pursued additional knowledge, skills and experiences at universities and seminars in the EU and USA such as International Peoples' College, Queen Mary University of London, IVLP and others.

Ilija has a long term experience in providing training in the field of project development and management, public policy design, and business systems. He was selected as an official lecturer by the Directorate for European Integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of project management, strategic planning, and reporting.

Furthermore, Ilija is an executive director of Perpetuum Mobile - Institute for Youth and Community Development, an organization that has been implementing the program of the Academy for Political Leaders in BiH for the past decade. The Academy represents a unique training program for young politicians in BiH, and until now it gathered more than 200 young politicians from BiH. Many of Academy participants are today successful politicians and decision makers in various levels of governance.

Until now, Ilija has published various publications, as an author and co-author, related to research in the area of political parties, project management, education of public servants, organizational development, and strategic planning.

He is one of the founders and a member of the Strategic Committee of the Coalition “Pod lupom” - Coalition for free and fair elections in BiH.

Ilija is a member of the Rotary Club Banja Luka, and also of the Mensa International in BiH. He is married and has two daughters.