Miloš Grujić

Miloš Grujić, born in 1984 in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), and MS in economics, is the Secretary to the Audit Committee in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska. He is responsible for preparing analytical, informative and other materials, preparing and organising committee meetings, preparing minutes and making committee reports, keeping the records of committee meetings etc. His objective is to make contribution to European integration process especially to the EU Enlargement Policy, system of government and economic structure.

He was also the Coordinator of the Twinning Project “Enhancing the Role of Parliaments in BiH in the EU Integration context” in the National Assembly of RS which is being implemented in four Parliaments in BiH (BiH Parliamentary Assembly, National Assembly of RS, BiH Federation Parliament, and Brčko District Assembly). Within this Project, he was in daily contact with local and foreign experts from 12 EU Member States.

Grujić has license for conducting investment managerial jobs, issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Republika Srpska. He also has license from Ministry of Justice of Republika Srpska to work as the court expert in economic expertise.

He was a participant and lecturer at many seminars, conferences and other programs aimed at professional development in the area of capital markets and European integration process. Milowrote 14 scientific and professional papers and more than 100 columns in the field of economy, investments, capital markets and financial management.