Stephan Breu

Born in 1965 in Switzerland, Stephan Breu was studied to be a banker. Working for one of the five big Auditing Companies he deepened his understanding of the financial markets and banking. He is a Certified Fiduciary and in 1995 he set up his own tax and audit company which as of 2011 is focused on private real estate investments in Switzerland.

Former active politician of CVP (Conservative Catholic Party) he served on local, state and national level. He was a former member of Junior Chamber International, a Board member of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-West Africa and member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Cuba. Since 2014 he represents NGO’s with Special Consultative Status to ECOSOCS at the UNO Headquarter in Geneva and CoNGO, NGO Workgroup for Human Rights in Education and Learning.

Stephen and his wife founded the Associations “IPE-Global – Initiative for Global Progress through Education” and “Internationale Pestalozzi Gesellschaft/International Pestalozzi Society” His wife is the president and he is the Secretary-General. Both organizations are supporting the “Littlemore Nursery & Child Care Centre” in Hoima/Uganda through covering complete yearly costs for approx. 100 Children and preparing Clean Water Solutions together with the University of Kassel,  Germany.

In 2017 he was co-founder and became Secretary General of the Swiss Centre of International Humanitarian Law, a Swiss think tank with international reputation.

His philantropic engagement was honoured in early 2017 by Govenor Mathew G. Bevin through bestowing the honors as Kentucky Colonel and Aide-de-Camp upon him as well as Governor Robert Bentley bestowing the honor as Honorary Colonel in the Militia of the State of Alabama. On his birthday in 2017 his contributions to philanthropy have been honored by the Texas House of Representatives of the Sovereign State of Texas.

He also holds the exclusive Honorary Badge of the All Russian Public «Organization  Association of Russian Diplomats».

Stephan Breu was honoured with a Professor h.c. from College of Tourism and Management in Konjic, Bosnia and a Dr. h.c. from Faculdade de Ciencias Medicas E Juridicas (FACMED) / Faculdade Do Bico Papagano (FABIC) in Brazil.