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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - FES Cyprus conference

On Friday 5th May, East West Bridge International and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - FES Cyprus held a conference on lessons for Cyprus to be learned from Federal Yugoslavia and its successor states. The event focused on the federal system of Yugoslavia and relations between different ethnic and religious groups in its successor states.The event took place in the Home For Cooperation located in the UN Bufferzone in Europe’s last divided capital, Nicosia. Scholars from former Yugoslav republics shared their views with the audience. “We have to embrace dialogue in order to overcome whatever dispute there is…” Jovan Kovačić, president of the East West Bridge Belgrade said during his opening remarks. Dialogue between partners, dialogue between opponents and dialogue between citizens, politicians and experts. These are principles FES tries to promote locally and globally.

Video from the FES/EWB Conference at the UN Buffer Zone, Cyprus