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EWB & SAFC Cooperation Declaration

Strong Support to Serbia's European Future and Cooperation with the US



                                                                                                                                                   Belgrade, Feb 24, 2021


of the Serbian-American Friendship Congress (SAFC) & East West Bridge

on common work to support Republic of Serbia in developing its European future, social market economy, gender equality, religious freedom, trans-Atlantic cooperation and integration, regional stability and free flow of people, goods, capital and services, development of energy policy and energy supply diversification, research and development,


                                                     We, the undersigned,


Advocating for the achievement of common goals that are based on fundamental, interdependent, equally important and generally applicable European and Euro-Atlantic values of freedom, responsibility, quintessential equality, justice, truth and solidarity, as well as prosperity,

Recognizing that we consider the welfare of all citizens of Republic of Serbia as our primary concern and duty,

Emphasizing firm commitment to achieving European values through Republic of Serbia’s speedy integration into the European Union,

Reaffirming the inalienable rights of every human being, irrespective of gender, culture, ethnicity, social and religious views to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness,

Expressing our commitment to secure and further develop the concept of social-market economy, based on freedoms applied at the EU market, 

Striving to further promote a democratically organized society, based on respect for human rights and fundamental and natural freedoms, gender equality, respect of diversity, equal opportunity, all-inclusive social justice and security in a stable and efficient political system ensuring the well-being of all citizens living in Republic of Serbia,

Having in mind that powerful ties that bind United States of America and Republic of Serbia are more than 140 years old and that the two countries’ destinies are inextricably intertwined, sharing the common goal of freedom and justice for which they both shed blood and suffered millions of casualties in two world wars,

Realizing that American companies employ some 25,000 workers in Serbia, that they have invested nearly USD 4 billion in Serbia so far and donated over a billion through the development help program and that Serbian exports to the USA were 50 times larger than in 2001,

Noting that military cooperation between Serbia and USA is steadily improving, that American and Serbian troops train together to tackle global peacekeeping challenges, and security services together fight terrorism and other forms of violent extremism,   

            Acknowledging that the Unites States is one of Serbia’s most important partners supporting it in its European integration and that the relations between the two countries are consistently improving, 




By this declaration, express our commitment to permanently and particularly over the next six years:


1.               Improve and strengthen bilateral ties between Republic of Serbia and United States of America to boost strategic partnership and alliance as a vital interest of both countries,


2.               Promote and encourage democratic communication with USA at all levels – from political, economic and military to scientific, educational, healthcare and entertainment, energy sector investments, research and development,


3.               Curtail hate speech and intolerance, affirm progressive ideas and initiate creative solutions to improve communications and political flows between Serbia and the USA as well as strengthen political stability, both at home and in the region,


4.               Create, promote, and implement measures for faster economic growth, reduction of unemployment and improvement of living standards for all citizens, with special emphasis on solving youth issues.


5.               Ensure the safety and security of all citizens by uncompromisingly fighting against terrorism, trafficking and crime in general and all forms of threats to freedom, religious and comprehensive human rights and by urging greater efficacy of the justice system.


6.               Accelerate reforms required for the speedy accession of Republic of Serbia to the EU and boost transatlantic cooperation.








General Principles:



 1. The parties shall consult and assist each other to discuss issues of common interest and interest of community and Republic of Serbia.

 2. The parties will take steps to boost cooperation on various levels representing their common interests in the field of development of the Serbian society and increasing cooperation and security in the region.

 3. The parties will consult when necessary, specifically in the case of organizing joint and collaborative events.


H. Amendments:


Each Party agrees to review the Memorandum of Understanding periodically.  The terms of this MOU may be modified or waived only by written documentation, signed by authorized persons in both Parties.


 I. Entry into force and signature:


This Memorandum of Understanding shall be effective as of the date of the last Party to sign it.

The Parties accept the agreement of this MOU by signing below: