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Economist Drasko Acimovic for "Avaz": There is no time to wait for the elections, this government must go immediately

Acimovic: Clear and stark messages

We were told that the situation in the security system was disturbed and that we were already endangering the European security system, says Acimovic.

Acimovic: Clear messages

These are very clear and most powerful messages to Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, economist and former diplomat Drasko Acimovic told Avaz, commenting on the European Commission's report on BiH's decline on the path to EU membership. Acimovic points out that the disintegration of the BiH security system is one of the problems that causes the most concern in the EU.

Security system compromised

- They told us that the situation in the security system was disturbed and that we were already endangering the European security system. After the resignation of Minister Radončić, the total disintegration of the security system began, and at this moment it is crucial for the EU that their security is not endangered. And in such circumstances, their security is endangered, because there is no coordination within BiH and there could be problems at any moment. We have an uncontrolled entry of migrants for whom we do not know at all who they are. The flow of crime is no longer under control, and they understood that - says Acimovic.

The EU's messages are that BiH has made the region unhappy, and that its citizens are also a collateral damage to BiH's corrupt politicians.

- They told us, not that we are not ready for Europe, but we are not ready for ourselves either. For two years now, I have been talking about the irritating messages of certain officials from BiH that the European Commission should give us candidate status, in order to motivate us. It's like a bandit robbing a bank, and then he goes back to it and asks for a loan to fix his financial situation. After they robbed everything that the EU sent to help BiH during the pandemic, and you can see through these scandals that everything was stolen, they think that they should be rewarded - Acimovic explains.

It is the last moment, and encouragement in that direction is coming from the world, for the citizens of BiH to raise their voices.

The authorities need to leave

- These people must leave urgently. There is no time to wait for the 2022 elections. That is the message of the EU - with these people who are currently in power, you cannot go further. I think that the citizens of BiH know very well how they should leave and that every day of prolonging this agony only creates greater poverty, misfortune, greater mortality, something that can no longer really be endured - says Drasko Acimovic.

Our interlocutor emphasizes that the situation in BiH can no longer be resolved by statements and announcements, warnings or recommendations, that the criminalized government will not leave voluntarily and that we must accept that foreigners will not solve the problems in the country.

A. Bajramović 10/19/2021

Source: Avaz

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