Jovan Kovačić - President

Jovan Kovačić - President

East West Bridge Co-Founder and President, member of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission and Chairman of the Serbian National Group of the Trilateral Commission. Jovan hosted the 38th European Session of the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade in 2014. Member of the Board of Governors, Atlantic Council, Serbia.

Former international reporter, a communications expert and policy advisor. Jovan was born in Belgrade in 1953 and educated in British, Serbian and US schools, MA in communications and media management. He worked for decades worldwide as a war correspondent for CNN, ABC, NPR, BBC and other major media. He ended his award-winning reporting career as a Reuter’s correspondent for ex-Yugoslavia covering the wars from Slovenia in 1991 to Kosovo in 1998. He joined the Office of the High Representative to Bosnia in 1998, as a political advisor in charge of reconstruction and negotiating the safe return of thousands of refugees and DPs. He also played an active role in the pro-democracy movement in Serbia.

Jovan was seconded to OSCE in 2001 in Belgrade as a Media Advisor, to streamline and develop major media outlets. He created and implemented a strategy for transforming the state TV, RTS, into a mainstream PBS.

Jovan is the CEO of GCA Global Communications Associates Ltd, which is helping regional governments, companies and political entities establish better working relationships with Euro-Atlantic structures and vice-versa. GCA, now with offices around the globe, is an affiliated partner to several relevant top world PR/PA companies. He is also the CEO of Henderson Asset Protection, the Serbian branch of Henderson Risk Ltd of UK. 

In May 2010, on behalf of EWB, Jovan attended the Plenary Session of the Trilateral Commission in Dublin. It was the first such prestigious invitation by the Commission to an individual or organization from Serbia. He then attended all consecutive TC sessions and was tasked by the TC Executive Committee in 2012 to set up a Serbian National Group by 2013. This done, the National Group was inaugurated at the Berlin TC Plenary Session in March, 2013. Jovan is also a member of several global foundations and think-tanks and lectures worldwide. In testimony that journalism is simply too hard to leave, Jovan returned to writing for New Europe as a Senior Editor for political affairs in the Fall of 2019.

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