Robert Jovanović

Robert Jovanović

Marketing manager and producer, Robert was born in Tuzla, 1969, and studied at the Tuzla faculty of Technology and the Economic Faculty, specializing in "Management - Business Process Management". He also actively played basketball in the former Yugoslav basketball league. In the early 90ties he was a basketball coach of Sloboda Dita club in Tuzla where he also ran a basketball school. After working for two years in his early 20ties as a machine technician in the Mramor coal mines, Robert went into private sector, mainly in entrepreneurship, marketing and production industry.  

In 1995 he went to Split to work for UNHCR and “Terre des Hommes” NGO from Swiss as the chief of logistics for the programme which was implemented across BiH until 1997 when he returned to Tuzla and set up with his wife their own media, fashion, marketing and production company, which also includes the “Miss BiH” pageant, licenced from London, and focuses mostly on promoting social values in BiH’s recovering post-war society. Its programmes appeal to the development of awareness through several socially beneficial themes that span both entities in BiH. 

His company also includes the ABC models agency which organizes school for young models, promotes and engages them in BiH and in the world.

Since 1997, twice a year, the agency ABC models traditionally organizes BiH Fashion Week in four BiH cities (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla), which certainly contributes significantly to the affirmation of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian fashion industry of culture and tradition, along with the young designers and other creative people who participate in the realization of this fashion event.

Robert was also politically active, twice before he was a candidate for Federal Parliament in front of the European Ecological Party. He is currently not a member of any political party, but is still very socially active.

From 2006 to 2015 Robert was a board member of the America-Bosnia Foundation, and two years was the executive director of the Foundation for BiH. During that time, the Foundation has implemnted many projects in BiH and the United States, with the aim of better understanding and strengthening friendly relations with the United States.

He is married and father of one daughter.

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