The Idea

East West Bridge is an international, independent, scientific and research community. We are working in close cooperation with other regional and governmental institutes and think-tanks aiming to adopt guidelines for sustainable individual, society and state development. Born as a Serbian- based initiative, it steadily grew into an internationally recognized movement for sustainable and positive social change around the world.  

Some of its primary tasks is to assist to develop and then to  implement necessary reforms that pave Serbia’s and other countries’ arduous road towards the EU membership; promote an all-encompassing, open and frank dialogue on all burning issues hampering the this and any other region’s development; help boost the economies, standard of living, education, welfare and health-care; speed up the overall rapprochement in the region and the consolidation of binding political, economic, cultural and other ties among SEE and other countries. In fostering cooperation or rapprochement among countries, EWB’s primary idea is to build up on issues that are common or undisputable and leave the differences for a later date when relations development prompted trust-building has borne fruit.

It was established in 2009 by a group of Serbian experts to serve both the domestic and international audiences as a beacon while Serbia stood buffeted by the painful transitional period, the world economic crises and loss of territory. It was a time when the region still lacked qualitative dialogue, mistrust was still high and non-partisan and objective assessments and analyses were a rare commodity. EWB, which fosters no political ambitions but aims to assert itself as policy "quality control" watch dog, had been set up to fill that void and give voice to hundreds of non-affiliated experts from the region and serve as an independent umbrella for much-needed divergent empirical research and discussion. The original “Founding Fathers” Serbian group was soon joined by experts and enthusiasts from world-over, making EWB a truly international organization.

EWB's purpose is to educate, enlighten and advise, to pinpoint important problems in societies and offer solutions.

To this end, EWB comprises seven Task Forces focusing on: Foreign and Domestic Policies; Human Rights; Economy; Media; Anti-Crime, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Terrorism; Ecology; Health Care and Education

Each of them liaises with similar think-tanks and institutes across the world and issues reports on the state of affairs in their respective fields. The pinnacle of EWB work each year is the annual State of the Nation Report which will provide an expert, impartial and reliable overview of the situation in Serbia and the region.

We work to familiarize the Serbian and regional public with the world democratic, political, economic and cultural trends, the achievements of both the Western and Eastern civilization. We try to reconcile both, so as to finally abolish or at least narrow the massive, emotionally-charged divide between the proponents of the East and those of the West and allow Serbia and the wider region to reap benefit from the best of both worlds.

Much has been destroyed in Serbia and SEE over the past 20 years, but perhaps hardest of all to restore is the system of values. Another of EWB’s tasks is to help cleanse, restore and rejuvenate that system not just in Serbia but also in the entire region.

The membership in East West Bridge International and all of its foreign chapters must not be confused with the membership of other friendly and affiliated organizations like the Trilateral Commission, Serbia Germany Forum, NGIC or others. If one is a member of EWB it does NOT imply he or she is automatically a member of the Trilateral Commission or any other of the listed organizations. They have their own leadership and memberships and different application and admission membership procedures. The list of members of those organizations is clearly listed on this site.

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